Dear Customers, Kindly be informed that from August 14th to August 18th including our office will be closed. We will be back to work on August 21st when all your inquiries will be answered and placed orders accepted..
Who are we??

The story of begins in the early 2013 when our online store for bicycles, accessories and components opens up.
The founding principles, which guide us from the beginning are to provide great value for our more than 100 products without any intermediates and without any additional costs.
Thanks to our strategically located office and experience in logistics we can easily deliver your favorite products to any part and point of Europe.
The latest technologies and online payment systems enable us to provide you with maximum security of your personal information and provide you exquisite comfort when using our website. The intuitive design significantly eases you, cycling fans, to select and get the best and most suitable for your taste products.
Lastly, our team is always at your disposal and in real time. You can call us for an advice, help or guide for any question, as long as it is for cycling!
Thank you for being with us!
Keep cycling!

The philosophy of our team of specialists at is to provide a wide variety of bicycles, accessories and components at a great value. The lack of distributors or intermediaries or more known as direct sales provide us with a great advantage - to have great prices for all of our products, no matter if they are bicycles, accessories or components.
Our passion is cycling and we know what you need exactly in order to enhance your cycling experience. The wide variety of products can fulfill the needs of even the most demanding cyclists.
We are strategically located and we have rich experience in the field of logistics, which enables us to deliver your favorite products to any part of Europe with ease, punctuality and without any additional problems.
We implemented the latest technologies and online payment methods in order to provide the maximum level of personal data security, so that you can sleep well.
The interface, which we created, together with the intuitive and user-friendly design significantly helps our users to shop faster, better and easier at any time of the day. Furthermore our dedication, which is not limited to cycling only, but also to you, our friends and fans is our last principle! That is why you can contact us anytime with any question related to the world of bicycles. Those principles make us better and extraordinary! We are looking forward to you!

The online shop for bicycles, accessories and components starts in the early 2011 in Bulgaria. We have fulfilled almost 20 000 orders, we have around 10 000 users and we are strategically located in the industrial zone of Plovdiv. The city is the second largest in the country and it is not only an industrial but also a cultural center. The city is unique with its history by being the oldest living city in Europe and the sixth oldest in the world. It is located on one of the busiest crossroads between Asia and Europe.