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Modalità di pagamento

The online store for bicycles, accessories and components, www.bikesport.bg provides its users several different payment methods for their orders.

Bank transfer
When using bank transfer as a payment method you will have to provide the received by e-mail invoice to the bank. As a payment reason it is obligatory to provide your order number in order for us to mark it as paid.

Debit/credit pard
When paying with your personal debit or credit card you will be redirected to a virtual POS terminal, which guarantees the privacy of your data. We accept debit and credit cards issued by VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (including Maestro, if they have CVV2 or CVC2 code). The transaction occurs with the currency in which the value of the order is stated in the invoice.

PayPal is recognized as one of the most secure payment methods in the whole world. The payment goes through an automatized system which has a encrypted connection, which guarantees the privacy and security of the personal data of the card holder. The payment is done through e-mail verification of the customer.